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There’s “snow” place like Dr. Lisa Pediatric Dentistry

There’s “snow” place like Dr. Lisa Pediatric Dentistry

There’s “snow” place like Dr. Lisa Pediatric Dentistry

Primary and Adult Teeth

Understanding your child’s dental development is crucial as their smile grows. Their primary (baby) teeth will eventually make way for their permanent adult teeth. While baby teeth are temporary, they play a vital role in your child’s overall dental health and smile development. Taking good care of their baby teeth early on is essential to ensure their adult teeth come in properly.

Why Baby Teeth Matter

We focus on caring for baby teeth because neglecting them can lead to cavities and other issues that affect the development of permanent teeth. Baby teeth help your child eat and speak correctly, and they also create space for their adult teeth to grow in properly. This process helps shape their jaw bones and muscles, improving their smile’s appearance and speech abilities.

Eruption of Baby and Adult Teeth

By 4 to 12 months old, their baby teeth start to emerge, usually starting with the lower front teeth followed by the upper ones. Each child’s teething process may vary, but most have all 20 primary teeth by around age 3.

Permanent teeth usually start to emerge around 5-6 years old, beginning with the first molars and lower front teeth. The size and shape of these teeth vary as they develop, aiding your child in eating and speaking. Adults typically have up to 32 permanent teeth, including wisdom teeth.

Adult Teeth Behind Baby Teeth

Sometimes, adult teeth may emerge behind baby teeth, especially in the front teeth. This happens when the primary tooth doesn’t fall out on its own. Encouraging your child to wiggle the baby tooth gently can help it come out naturally. If it doesn’t, our dentist can remove it to make way for the adult tooth.

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